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The Dutch approach and measures against coronavirus COVID-19

You are most welcome in Ermelo. The companies in the tourism sector have done everything possible to make your stay in the village as pleasant as possible for you. The entrepreneurs are ready to make your stay as pleasant as possible in this difficult time. In doing so, the national measures are followed as closely as possible. Because of the many infections with corona, stricter rules have been drawn up. 

The measures are listed below:

  • All cafes and restaurants are closed. Fortunately, you can make use of takeaway restaurants in Ermelo. Cafés and restaurants at hotels are only open for their own guests.
  • The buying evening lasts until 20:00 at the latest, after that the shops are closed. This does not apply to supermarkets. They may be open longer.
  • For everyone over 12 years of age: wear a mouth shield in public indoor areas, such as the library, shops or the railway station.
  • You may meet outside with a group of no more than 4 people or with all the people who belong to your household. In an indoor area, such as a shop or the town hall, a maximum of 30 people may be together.
  • You cannot buy alcohol or soft drugs between 20:00 and 7:00. Nor are you allowed to carry them with you or use them on the street.
  • Unfortunately, many events and activities will not take place in the coming weeks.
  • The weekly market will continue. 
  • Unfortunately the local bus cannot drive. 
  • For museums, attractions, etc. you have to make a reservation.  

Basic rules for everyone in the Netherlands. 

  • Stay at home in case of complaints and get tested
  • Keep 1.5 meters away from others
  • Often wash your hands and cough and sneeze in your elbow 
  • Avoid large crowds
  • Leave when it's busy
  • Travel outside rush hour as much as possible