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De Zwarte Boer

Veluwe Ermelo Leuvenumse bossen


Located in the beautiful woods of the Leuvenum Estate, De Zwarte Boer is the place to be for a cup of coffee with homemade cake, cosy drinks and a tasty lunch.


The oldest part of De Zwarte Boer, 'De Gelagkamer', dates back to the year 1600. Enjoy a crackling fire in front of our monumental fireplace with the beautiful tiled plaque depicting King William II and Anna Paulowna. During the extensive restoration, we found a beautiful estriken floor hidden under a plank floor and carpeting. This has now been fully restored.
The old cupboard and box bed still date back to the days when only wealthy commercial travellers could afford an overnight stay. By the way, did you know that the box bed was not that big because people used to be a lot smaller? People slept half-sitting up because they were afraid the blood would rise to their heads.


The old kitchen has become part of the Luncherie! It also houses the old, wood-fired cooker with its beautiful tiled plateau. One of the many lost treasures from the 'Old House Leuvenum'.
In 2015, this area underwent a makeover. You can sit here on our lounge sofa or comfortable chairs. Ideal for small groups of up to 8-10 people. From this position you have a view of our beautiful wine cooler where you can choose your favourite and perfectly chilled wine.


The Large Dining Room at the front has also been part of the Luncherie since 2020. The Great Dining Room is the place to have a relaxed lunch!


Luncherie De Zwarte Boer