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De Kanovijver



In the built-up area of Ermelo there is a canoe pond with a spacious playground, a child swimming pool and an official playground that is run by volunteers.

What is also guaranteed for our entertainment in the winter is when it freezes, you can ice-skate on the pond. The canoe pond offers a lot of recreation for kids and parents as well.

The pond is about 65cm deep, which is 2 feet, and is used for canoeing and swimming. There aren’t any fishes in the water but there are ducks now and then. The child swimming pool is only 50cm deep. On the island are four big trampoline’s, a swing and a climbing rack. But the ‘Kanovijver’ itself offers more.
There is a climbing rack with a slide, sandbox, swings, ropeway and a tennis table. More like canoe and surfing boards, water bicycles can you hire there as well. There is also a toilet building. There is a place where you can lay in the sun and we also have picnic tables. The ‘Kanovijver’ is child friendly so we have a hole fence surrounding. You can bring your own food or you can buy something in our restaurant . Would you like to have a fun day with your family, while sitting in the grass and watch your kids play or canoeing. 


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De Kanovijver