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Windmill “De Koe”


Are you going to visit the mill “De Koe” on the “Molennaarsplein” in Ermelo? U can visit the mill itself and in the cosy miller shop u can find all sorts of delicacy.

On Saturday the miller is present and revolves the mill.
he guide shows you the beautiful methods and would like to tell you more information about the mill.

In the mill shop are all sorts of mill related products for sale, like; bread and cake mixes’, real Veluwse pancake mixes, the famous “mill bear” and the resources made in the mill. A mill packet is also an original gift when you come home after your vacation here or by a festive occasion. The shop is run by volunteers. Also in and around the mill there are several regular activity’s being organised.
The octagonal mill was built in 1872 and back then it was used for grain and mechanical huller. After a time of use and deterioration, the whole mill burned in 1990.
Because the mill “De Koe” was a picture element in ermelo they decided to rebuild it. The mill Foundation succeeded whit the help of individuals, sponsors, the government and private organisations. 


Type of buildingMill

Business hours

Vrijdag13:30 - 16:30 hour
Zaterdag10:30 - 16:30 hour
Wednesday 13:30 - 16:30 uur ( 1 april - 1 oktober) At these days visiting is possible and there is an guide for explanation. The entree is free. Every Saturday there is an windmill team and the windmill will be grinding.


Windkorenmolen “De Koe”