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Museum Het Pakhuis

The most fun and enjoyable museum in the Veluwe! Behind the sliding doors of Museum het Pakhuis, the treasure trove of the past opens up for you. Explore history through archaeological finds. Literally, because in Museum Het Pakhuis you can look with your hands. Do, feel, smell, taste and grasp the past in the Warehouse!

In our permanent exhibition, we tell you all about the Romans in the Netherlands and their stay in the special marching camps of Ermelo.

Romans in Ermelo? Yes indeed! The Romans came to the Ermelo Heath several times. In Ermelo, you will find no less than two Roman marching camps, not far from each other!

Why did the Romans come to Ermelo? Unfortunately, we don't know (yet) but it's a very exciting question. Was it to do with trade or timber or iron trade? Or did they come for a "punitive expedition" to show the Germanic inhabitants who was boss?

Get to know the equipment of a Roman soldier, see their tents and lie down in them yourself! And see unique objects such as a very special Roman tent peg (or is it something else?), pottery and special knives found at the Ermelo marching camps. In the exhibition you can follow in the footsteps of the Romans.

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Museum Het Pakhuis