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Museum Het Pakhuis

The most fun and enjoyable museum in the Veluwe! Behind the sliding doors of Museum het Pakhuis, the treasure trove of the past opens up for you. Explore history through archaeological finds. Literally, because in Museum Het Pakhuis you can look with your hands. Do, feel, smell, taste and grasp the past in the Warehouse!

A 'Splendour and Pageantry' exhibition is currently taking place. 
In Splendour and Pageantry, you take a time travel from the Late Middle Ages to the present. You meet the interesting noble inhabitants of Staverden Castle. Along the way, you get a taste of the atmosphere of yesteryear. The peacock gallery shows you the close relationship between Ermelo and the animal. And after a stately portrait, spread your wings to the white pride of Ermelo.

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