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Country estate Oud Groevenbeek

The Oud Groevenbeek estate started out as a farm, but slowly grew into a beautiful estate with many special features. Ice cellars, grape greenhouses, a coach house, a wash house and a villa were built. Together with fields, meadows, cattle, vegetable garden and woods, the estate was completely self-sufficient. Today, the estate still breathes the atmosphere of over a hundred years ago. All the monumental buildings are in perfect condition, as if they were built yesterday. The centrepiece of the estate is the large Jugendstil villa from 1908. Natuurmonumenten has restored this national monument completely in the old style, both inside and out. The water tower is another striking structure on the estate. In winter, the dry cellars are an ideal place for bats, who like cool and dark rooms. And then there is the special grape greenhouse, in original style with grapevines that are up to 90 years old.

Special is the Groevenbeek path, an adapted walking route over the Groevenbeek Heath for the visually impaired.

New is an attractive teahouse in the middle of the estate, close to the villa. Next to the teahouse is a beautiful playground. This playground consists mainly of a course over tree trunks. 

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