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Walking with the dog

In most nature reserves you can walk with the dog provided that the dog is on a leash. Dogs on a leash remain on the path and do not cause any nuisance to birds or game. It also allows other visitors to enjoy nature in peace and quiet. 

Looking for nice walking routes where your dog can go loose? Below you will find an overview of unloading areas in the municipality of Ermelo. Keep in mind that your dog will never go after game and other walkers will not be a nuisance.

An overview of the unloading areas: 

Jacob Catslaan, forest area between the Jacob Catslaan, the Staringlaan and part of the Leuvenumseweg;

Oude Arnhemsekarweg, forest area directly around the running track on the Ericalaan, with the exception of the recreational areas where it is forbidden for dogs, also on a leash;

The Groevenbeek heath;

The Ermelosche heath (partly), before 8.00 hours and after 16.00 hours, because of the sheep herd grazing on the heath.

Ermelosche Sand

Hessenmeer and Paleisweg

Beach Horst (low season between 1 October and 1 May)