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The wooden shoe paths

Wooden shoe trails are hiking trails in the agricultural cultural landscape. If possible, they follow a historical path and lead over unpaved roads across farmland and estates. Tranquillity, small scale and the combination of culture and nature determine the atmosphere and tell residents and hikers the history of their surroundings. Clog paths partly run across private land, where cattle sometimes walk. In order not to disturb the animals and to prevent the spread of animal diseases, dogs are prohibited. 

The Pelserpad in Ermelo starts at the railway station. Walk through meadows, along field edges and across historic and new properties in the beautiful outer district of Ermelo. Discover the beautiful outskirts of Ermelo around the villages of Horst and Telgt. Peace, smallness and a combination of nature and culture determine the atmosphere here. The Pelser Weg is a 14-kilometre-long wooden shoe trail.

The Speuldepad in the districts of Staverden, Leuvenum and Speuld. This beautiful circular walk is 16 kilometres long. You walk across countryside, along stream and heath. Experience the mystical atmosphere of calling peacocks and dancing trees. The walk starts at the Staverden Estate car park in Ermelo. 

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