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The Ermelosche Heide

The Ermelosche Heide is an area of heathland near Ermelo. On this heath, you will find burial mounds and the Roman Marshes. The defensive walls are still clearly recognisable in the landscape. In the 20th century, the area was used as a military training area. Today, it is largely used as a nature reserve and is available for daytime recreation. Through the heathland, there are several wide sandy paths where you can walk freely and a beautiful bicycle path along the most beautiful parts of the Ermelosche Heide. There are also marked walking routes, including a beautiful circular route that starts at the sheepfold. The area is managed by grazing sheep and while walking on the Ermelosche Heide you may encounter the flock.

Click here for information about the visitor centre Ermelosche Heide with the sheepfold.